We tell stories in a cinematic documentary style using current filming and editing trends, music, and tools (like a Steadicam and slider). We do not produce the old-school style of video (which are usually about two hours long). Our films are cetainly shorter because trust us, as much as you'llwant to relive your wedding day, even the two of you won't want to watch the entire twelve-hour-play-by-play more than a few times.


Our films come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the highlight film and/or feature film that’s the best fit for the events of your day, and your budget. Highlight films begin at three minutes, and feature films go as long as 20+ minutes. Instagram sneak peek films are published 48 hours after the wedding.


To better acquaint yourself with our style and creative voice, check out a few of our trailers above. These video trailers are three-to-five minute-long mini motion pictures that wraps up the entire day in one pretty (little) package. These video trailers are great keepsakes for your wedding party and families, and they're designed for sharing - instead of having everyone leaf through all five hundred ceremony photos that your photographer sent you. Our clients enjoy sending everyone a link to their short but sweet video trailers with all the day's highlights. 

Don’t want to wait to see your wedding video? Want to watch it on the same night as your wedding day? Guess what?


You can!


End your wedding day with a bang! With the option of a SDE, you get to show all your friends and family a video that highlights the most touching moments of your romantic day at your reception, usually on a big screen. We can’t think of a better way to end your wedding day.


We film all our weddings, events and corporate projects in high definition; therefore, we want to deliver our final product in this high quality format as well


With DVDs, the final output is converted to standard definition, which lowers the quality of our films.



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